Vision and Mission

Mission, Vision, Objectives, and Values

The vision of the National Bureau for Academic Accreditation and Education Quality Assurance (NBAQ) originates in a set of beliefs:

The National Bureau for Academic Accreditation and Education Quality Assurance (NBAQ) owes its origin to the State’s aspirations for developing, sustaining and improving the quality of education in Kuwait through principles, programs and practices that safeguard and ensure minimum acceptable standards of academic credibility and quality assurance in higher education. The fundamental basis for establishing the National Bureau is embedded in this broad outlook of higher education system, which crystallized into objective reality in the year 2010, with the Amiri decree formalizing the establishment of the National Bureau for Academic Accreditation and Education Quality Assurance in Kuwait. The Bureau’s official launching in November 2012 marked a distinct step towards transforming the State’s vision of higher education into an tangible reality, a vision grounded in a set of beliefs, professing that the:

• Core value of education resides primarily in quality, sustainability and continuous evolvement of the post-secondary education in response to developmental changes, and in keeping abreast of latest advances in knowledge.

• Quality of education is the foundation through which the graduates of higher education institutions effectively contribute to the economic and social development of society.

• Raising the quality of institutions of higher education is achievable through developing the culture of self-assessment, endorsing a system of continuous external evaluation, and by applying valid assessment instruments as an empirical measure that demonstrates the effectiveness of institutions of higher education.

For NBAQ to be effective in fulfilling its regulatory and developmental roles, it would adhere to the principles of independence of operations, free from any external influence, in enforcing regulations, laws, and values by virtue of the authority vested.


NBAQ vision is centered on leading higher education institutions in the State of Kuwait to be recognized as regional leaders in education.



NBAQ mission is to lay the framework and principles for improving the system of higher education in Kuwait, monitoring and assessing its quality, and ensuring its effectiveness in the following ways:

• Maintaining close cooperation with educational institutions in Kuwait.

• Applying internationally recognized performance indicators and assessment instruments for evaluating institutions and specialized programs.

• Analyzing accreditation-related outcomes and findings periodically, and overseeing their dissemination to the public.

• Determining and enlisting institutions of higher education outside Kuwait, whose graduates hold adequate qualifications that merit recognition in Kuwait.


NBAQ seeks to accomplish its vision and mission through a series of strategic objectives, outlined below:

1) Establish and develop standards and mechanisms for measuring the quality of education in higher education institutions as well as specialized programs offered, ensuring their consistency with international standards, and compatibility with the requirements of the State of Kuwait.

2) Render assistance to higher education institutions in developing mechanisms for quality control, organizing training courses and workshops on the methods and modalities of quality assurance, and for achieving academic accreditation.

3) Determine quality levels in public and private higher education institutions in the State of Kuwait through periodic institutional assessments in accord with international standards.

4) Examine specialized programs offered by higher education institutions in Kuwait, in cooperation with international academic accreditation bodies and institutions, in order to ascertain their quality level and pursue their programmatic accreditation.

5) Provide periodic updates on quality level and accreditation status of higher education institutions and specialized programs in Kuwait, for keeping Kuwaiti society duly informed, updated and aware.

6) Establish criteria for identifying and enlisting institutions of higher education outside Kuwait, whose certificates and qualified graduates merit endorsement in Kuwait, through continuous assessment of such institutions and their specialized programs, in keeping with the standards of international accreditation bodies.

7) Identify institutions of higher education outside the State of Kuwait, whose programs meet the quality standards and accreditation criteria set by NBAQ.

8) Create an extensive reservoir of information through developing databases on the entire system of higher education institutions and programs in Kuwait, to portray the effectiveness of education, methods and modalities of measuring and maintaining high quality standards, principles of good practices in performance and efficiency of institutions and specialized programs, as well as to monitor the application of established criteria and good practices in higher education institutions in Kuwait.

9) Develop the framework of NBAQ policies and good practices in close cooperation with international institutions, academic accreditation and quality assurance bodies.

10) Prepare requisite cadres of Kuwaiti personnel for meeting NBAQ’s human resource needs.

11) Organize conferences and seminars locally, as well as host local, regional and global conferences on academic accreditation and quality assurance in higher education.

12) Attain excellence as an academic accreditation institution, well versed in quality assessment of higher education, and oversee its continuous sustenance and advancement, in the larger interest of perpetuating the culture of quality consciousness in higher education system in Kuwait.



  NBAQ is committed to the values of:

  1. Excellence

NBAQ seeks to guide institutions of higher education in Kuwait to aspire and achieve internationally credible and advanced levels of education.

  1. Cooperation

NBAQ seeks to establish inter-active linkages and close cooperation with institutions of higher education in Kuwait, coordinate and enter into effective partnerships with international accreditation bodies to ensure optimum quality standards in higher education in Kuwait.

  1. Competitiveness

NBAQ seeks to elevate the status of higher education institutions in Kuwait towards global dimensions, by acquiring internationally credible standards as observed and applied by eminent and well recognized universities worldwide.

  1. Independence

NBAQ fulfills its mission within the framework of The State’s developmental aspirations. NBAQ upholds the virtue of independence in developing its policies as well as in decision-making processes in matters of accreditation and quality assessment in the twin domains of higher education institutions and programs.

  1. Transparency

NBAQ follows the principles of transparency in ensuring availability of outcomes of assessments and accreditation level of higher education institutions in Kuwait to the public.

  1. Impartiality

NBAQ adopts an unbiased approach in all its dealings and acts in a manner that is fair, impartial and within the frame of objectivity.

  1. Integrity

NBAQ adheres to highest possible standards of ethical practice and integrity in all its operations and domains of activity.