Organization Chart

Organizational Structure

Ministerial Decree No. (55) issued on 16 June 2014 approved the proposed organizational structure of the National Bureau for Academic Accreditation and Education Quality Assurance, and that was after the approval of the Civil Services Commission Board Meeting No. (6 / 2014) held on 19 March 2014.



 NBAQ Organization Chart

Accordingly to the Ministerial Decree the Administrative Decrees were issued to appoint Directors of Departments in accordance with the approved organizational structure and they are:

Ms. Abrar Omar Al-Duaij Director of the Director General Office (Secondment)
Ms. Rula Abdullatif Al-Omar Director of Academic Accreditation
Ms. Fatemah Rashed Al-Aqrouqah Director of Public Relations & Media
Ms. Aisha Shafi Al-Qahtani Director of the Administrative Department & Financial Affairs
Ms. Mayada Khalil Jalali Director of the Office of Legal Affairs
Ms. Haya Saleh Al-Maghribi Director of Technical Office