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Project Description

Dr. Mustafa Marafi

Affiliation(s) of Roundtable Panelist: Head of the KFAS Prizes Office , The Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences & Professor of Physics-Kuwait University.

Roundtable Panelist Short Biography: 

Education: PhD in atomic physics, 1976, the University of Michigan.

Employments: Retired professor, physics department, Kuwait University. Currently Director of the Office of Prizes at Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Science.

Research interest: Collision-induced shifts of Rydberg states, atomic beam spectroscopy and collision theory.

Scientific production includes scientific papers, authorship and co-authorship of a number of high school texts in physics, translation of several popular science books, editing popular science books and articles, supervising production of a science-based series (30 episodes) and writing script for a number of scientific documentaries.

Memberships: APS, SPE, editorial Board of Aalm Al-Fiker,