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Project Description

Dr. Munir Bashshur.

Affiliation(s) of keynote Speaker: Department of Education,
American University of Beirut

Title of Keynote Speech: Quality Education Under Duress: Some Windows of Opportunity

Keynote Speech Abstract

The address will start with reflections on the meaning of Quality Education and its prerequisites and possible implications for the future in the Arab World, then relate this to challenges and opportunities that the Arab World is facing in this regard, including rise in student numbers, duality between the public and the private sector, market demands and the volatility of the social/political conditions, and then look into some attempts to deal with some of these challenges including attempts of agencies of quality assurance, and conclude with suggestions that may lead to widening possibilities of success in the future.

Keynote Speaker Short Biography 

Born 1933; obtained BA and MA from the American University of Beirut (1956 and 1958 consecutively), and Ph.D. in Comparative Education, from the University of Chicago (1964). Joined the American University of Beirut as Assistant Professor in Education in 1964, and advanced in the ranks to Full Professor on Tenure in 1979.  Served as Chairperson of the Department of Education, and occupied various administrative positions in the same University in different years. Attended and participated in several conferences in various parts of the world, and shared in development activities in different Arab countries. Published books, in Arabic: Education in Israel (1969), The Structure of the Educational System in Lebanon (1978),Trends in Arab Education (1982), Arab Education in the 21st Century (1995), together with several Articles in different Journals. Published also in English several articles in different journals, and a book: Higher Education in the Arab States (2004).