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Overview of the General Theme:

Conference Objectives

The Conference Session Themes at a Glance

The conference will have six sessions

Keynote Speakers

Round Table

The aim of the round-table is explore collectively and share with the conference attendees your insights into the following key questions:

  • Many tangible indicators reveal that diploma mills, fake degrees, and academic corruption have sprouted over the last fifteen years without much legal or moral resistance? What have caused this disturbing phenomenon? 

  • Why the effects that diploma mills (and academic corruption in general) would have on civil society are particularly devastating?

  • Legislators often say that they value quality higher education; what practical measures are legislators taking? How do you assess the effectiveness of recent measures that were taken? 

  • What clear-cut regulations that are explicitly devised against diploma mills and fake degrees are in place in your country?

  • How can we combat the internationalization of bogus degrees, knowing that, like drugs, it is a big business that often succeeds in crossing borders?

  • What can we do to counteract the common perception that obtaining a fake or a corrupt degree for the sake of promotion or employment is a “soft crime”? 

  • Should accreditation and quality assurance agencies be more than whistle blowers? Should they be given the authority to list and report fake degrees’ providers to the legal authorities? Or should this matter be left to the individual public and/or private employing sector?

  • Do you think that fake degrees and academic corruption are undermining the legitimacy of online education?


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The conference will be held in Kuwait state ,  The Regency Hotel , Maha Ballroom

Where To Stay

The most convenient place to stay when attending the Conference is the Regency Hotel where the conference will be held (Click here to book your room) for more information

On the other hand, you can select another nearby hotels. Please visit Radisson Blu Hotel or Palms Beach Hotel .